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Research is focused to stress and strength analysis of layered composite structures under mechanical and thermo-mechanical loads. This investigation has been carried out within the framework of laminated plate theory. The stress analysis of laminated plates or shells is carried out by finite element method (FEM). The second aspect of this work considers the change performance of layered fibrous CFC composite structures due to temperature and moisture. The presented finite element analysis, computations and experimental results give a general procedure for stress analysis of layered composite structures under combined mechanical and hygrothermal loads. Mechanical and thermal properties are determined experimentally. The numerical simulation by FEM uses the classical diffusion equation of Fickian type and theory of moisture diffusion to take into account the hygrothermal behaviour of the material. Numerical and experimental results show that the influence of hygrothermal effects on stress and strength of layered composite structures is very important.


layered composites mechanical properties hygrothermal effects finite elements

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